Kate Spade Hall of shame!

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    I know...it's not like me to abandon my duties! I'm OK.
    Yeah, so this is "real"??? And it's vinyl, not leather. Looks like someone cut up a worn out booth in a dingy diner!

    I'll make it go away...

  2. I reported it, but I think it's gonna take a more direct approach. Sometimes, listings from a TRS with huge feedback need more careful review. I'll email.
  3. Dearest,most HILARIOUS marissk & dawnsfinallywed. THIS THREAD IS STINKING' awesome!
    I must admit I know NOTHING about Kate Spade bags, how to tell a fake or what to look for :sad:.... But even I can spot these fakes!! Just wanted to thank you 2 for making me laugh so hard my side now hurts...cheers!!!
  4. Well, thanks!! That means we're doing our "job"! My goal is to not only show the fakes, but to explain why, so hopefully we educate along with giving people a good chuckle.

    Speaking for myself, I try to not hurl too many insults, but sometimes, I just gotta! It makes it fun and keeps me from swearing like a drunk sailor!
  5. "Crock" is right! That's one ugly PoS (Piece of ...well you know!).
  6. Hey! You're quite welcome!! :smile: Come back as often as you like!

  7. This is the message she sent be back when I told her that her bag was fake...

    well, my mother bought it for me last year and yes eBay took it off ONLY because my starting bid was to low. as i am new to eBay when i called them to set up my account they told me that most starting bids should start out at .99 cents. then when i posted this with that starting bid they took it off,, i have since been in contact with eBay and have thier full permission to post this,, i am going to look into the information you provided. thank you so much

    - sampsonj6161

  8. HAHAHAAHAAAHAAA :roflmfao: AHAHAHAHAAAHAHA!!! :roflmfao:

    Excuse me...I have to run to the "power room" before I wet my pants!
    She listed it as "New without tags"...what's that huge stain on the bottom of the lining? New with stains??
    The word "pathological" crosses my mind...