Kate Spade Hall of shame!

  1. This sold for $40, but I sent a rather pointed report to eBay congratulating them on allowing a fake to sell...they've pulled it! I'm glad that did something!!


    I know eBay is doing the best than can, and I appreciate their efforts!
  2. Awww....come on, it's gotta be real cause she also says it's a "show stopper"; it stopped my show, cause I had to go hurl!!

    And the red lining...just plain ugh!! And 'only' $100!!
  3. She then sent me this note:

    It really sounds like you are angry. I am not sure why, but that is not my problem. I simply have a purse/handbag that I checked out due to your encouragment. Everything lends it self to this is a real deal. No I did not buy this one myself, My Niece did, she gave it to me. Dont think she would lie.
    I am happy that you think you are an expert, that is an achievement. I followed your instructions, went to the website, it told me what to look for (both for real and fakes). I believe this bag passed the test. However if you feel the need to report this bag, then do what you have to do, but I wonder what is missing in your life that this handbag has become your mission.
    I wish you well.

  4. Keeping counterfeits off eBay is my life's mission!! We get angry because counterfeits are evil and are not only illegal but immoral.

    It's gone...
  5. The seller of this hot mess has relisted this after it was removed earlier today because it's counterfeit. She says "Bag is guaranteed to be authentic", but I guarantee it to be fake!!


    Check the fake lining:

    You can see from this wear that the trim is vinyl, not leather as claimed by the seller. And the cone-shaped feet are found only on counterfeits.