JUC & Ecrou De Cartier stack


Oct 6, 2017
Eyeing on Ecrou De Cartier to be added to the JUC as a stack

Thoughts? Too funky? Or totally classic?
Thoughts on adding also JUC ring to the index finger

daily outfit : business professional but inside of me :lol: edgy & funky haha

after trying out different pairing, i think love bracelet is completely out of my picture.It is not very me…

please share your pictures on how you style your Ecrou or how you stack it.

feedback and ideas and suggestions?
Saw below online…super in love
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Maybe One of my favorites stacks. Ecrou + JUC looks Amazing to me. Actually, I like to the Love+Ecrou+JUC stack, but if you don’t like the love, this two looks great together.


Mar 24, 2021
Gorgeous!! Do you sleep with it on?! I'm eyeing the ecrou but I know myself...if it isn't comfy I won't wear it :giggle:
Ecrou is quite comfy. However, I can’t stand scratches, so I only wore mine if I was going out. (I say “wore” because I rehomed my Ecrou a few months ago.) It’s a very cool bracelet, and I sort of miss it. I’m far too fickle to keep any jewelry for very long though.
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