Is tech replacing the need for bags and SLGs entirely?

Are bags still needed or handsfree preferred?

  • Slings and tiny bags are plenty

  • I prefer handsfree and light!

  • I still need a Large bag

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Jan 19, 2022
I think broadly, yes, but it will still depend on people's personal preferences and the culture they live in. Like for me, in some ways where I live is quite tech-focused, but I also need to carry cash around. There are still plenty of places that are cash only. And tech can't remove needing an umbrella for much of the summer, and maybe a scarf or cardy because while it's 32C outside, the A/C everywhere is freezing. Then personally I always like to have water and either a book or my Kindle on me, plus all the little things like tissues, painkillers, reusable shopping bag, etc. I also prefer a paper diary/agenda to a phone app (although covid has kinda killed this habit). A lot of small/tiny bag reviews are like, "This fits your basics: phone, cards, keys and lipstick!" Those are not my basics lol.

I do somewhat regret buying the large wallet I have, but it's not that I don't like that style. I actually love having all my cards, cash, receipts and coupons/vouchers in one place. But I've recently started buying crossbody/shoulder bags again, and the whole reason I stopped was because carrying a lot of stuff in that way was giving me back pain. So now it's like, I want crossbodies, but I need to be more mindful about what I'm chucking in there. This big wallet is now typically just sitting at home, while I grab what I need for my little cash/cardholder.
Apr 4, 2018
I am not ready to give up my larger bags. I find I use various sizes depending on what I'm doing. I mostly work from home, but on occasion when I am on the road, I'll have a larger bag with files and maybe an agenda, plus a smaller bag I can take into a meeting or a restaurant.

My preference is usually medium-sized crossbody or shoulder bags. Lately I've been rotating my Graceful pm, Chanel Jungle Stroll, Speedy b 25, Loewe small puzzle bag and Fendi Peekaboo. The Fendi only comes out when it's good weather. I also have two Neverfulls that I use fairly regularly, and two mini bags. I live outside a city and drive rather than take public transportation. Today I'm going to return a few things to Nordstrom so I'll wear my mini bag because if I really need anything that won't fit, it will be in my car. When I travel, I take a NF with a medium sized bag inside it, so i am prepared for whatever.


Toddler mom who loves pretty things
Feb 16, 2017
I can’t see myself entirely giving up my bags because I anticipate always needing to carry something still (tissues, hand sanitizer, mask, cat and house keys, phone, etc.). And of course my son’s things in his diaper bag when he’s out with me. I’ve definitely downsized over the years though. I carried huge bags in undergrad and grad school to fit my books and even a change of clothes and toiletries when I’d stay over at my boyfriend’s place. Then I hurt my neck and tried hard to carry less to not overburden my shoulder. I still ended up toting a lot around because I worked on college campuses for 7 years up until my maternity leave. Once I had my baby, I switched to smaller crossbody bags for my things and put everything else in the diaper bag (backpack style). And now I work fully remotely so I’m still using smaller crossbody bags on a regular basis. So with my needs changing over time, I’ve naturally downsized and I’m happy with my smaller bags. I’m currently selling some of my totes that I never reach for anymore. And my husband accidentally ordered the larger version of the bag I wanted for Mother’s Day. I had to tell him to send it back because it’s just too much bag for me! :biggrin:


Jan 29, 2015
I thought about large wallets some years ago and decided to sell them all because I thought they’d become obsolete. I then sold quite a few slgs as I had too many.

I’ve sold some of my biggest bags even though I carried them with much the same as I carry in small bags. One or two regrets still but I wasn’t using them.

I tried using Apple Watch but every so often the payment would fail and I’d have no cards on me. Embarrassing to say the least. Also every few transactions the terminal wants the card entered and to use the pin. It’s just easier to carry the cards.

I tried using pockets and lost my Chanel cardholder. Some kind soul brought it to my door with the cash still inside. I never used my pockets again as fate wouldn’t be so kind twice.

I like using, if not carrying, a bag. Everything is in there and I can’t lose or forget something. I carry a small cardholder, some tablets, cosmetic pouch, my phone, air pods, coin purse and doggy poop bags and treats.

Since last year I’ve used my mini peekaboo and the same cardholder every single day. I have no interest in my bags and slgs anymore, I don’t enjoy bag shopping any more. There was a time I’d shop and find a bag to buy every time I went out. I don’t know if it’s me but I see no inspiration in anything out there. I am enjoying updating my home and curating my clothing and footwear however.


Sep 4, 2018
I would love to get to the point of not having to carry so many things, I still have different store credit cards and gift cards and like to have them with me so if I'm shopping I can use them. If more places had apps for their giftcards like Starbucks does that would be great. I would still use my current medium and large sized bags at times, but would like to use the smaller bags my wallet won't fit in too. Once in awhile I will just pull out my ID and 1 credit card but it's just easier to have all my things with me.
I have all my store gift cards on an App. The name is STOCARD. Some cards are installed and for the rest you can scan them yourself.
I have a Samsung but I'm sure Apple has such an App too.