Is it wrong to want so many LVs?


Feb 6, 2015
I'm doing my very best not to buy more bags after more than a decade of taking a break from the LV obsession but I can't seem to help myself. I'm definitely a shopaholic but manage my finances well, so it's not that I can't have a lot of LVs but the rational part of my brains reminds me that I have enough. I think a big part of this renewed love for LV is that since we can't travel, I may as well enjoy something nice at home instead.

I thought I'd stop at the PA and Geronimos this year, but I just bought a DE double zip yesterday as I felt it would work better as a crossbody than the PA, and it's dressier than the Geronimos. I already have a Montorgeuil PM and Noe GM for work/shopping, a Belen for going out at night, and a few other smaller Mono bags which I don't want to sell for sentimental reasons, including a vintage Speedy 25.

My plan was to just collect SLGs from now on, but if truth be told, I'd love to add a Felicie and more Speedys to the collection.

How does everyone else justify their growing collection? Is there a point when you've had enough?
I have the same obsession.

I have a ridiculous amount of bags and slgs.....including a number that I have never used.

I am considering letting go of some because my life has changed and I no longer travel. I also work within walking distance of my house and now wear leggings and sweatshirts constantly.... :sad:

I have purchased most of my collection myself. I think 10-12 of my items were gifts from hubby.

I used to get comments from others about my items. I always responded the same way: Everyone spends there money on something. Some people go on cruises and vacations. Some people drink, smoke, gamble, etc. Everyone has something.

Buy what makes your heart sing!


Dec 11, 2018
Buy what makes your heart sing!
Thank you! I think I've reached the point where I don't feel I have to buy every bargain I see. I have so many lovely things now so I should enjoy them and save towards a new item after taking some time to consider if I really want it :biggrin:

I'll keep this as a personal memo but all I want going forwards (and not immediate or definite) :

* Shawl/stole
* limited edition round coin purse
* black muticolor slg
* inclusion rings/bangles
* LV perfume
* small kirigami
* bag charm

We'll see if anything in any upcoming collection really gets me but given how hard it is to get hold of new things where I am, I think I'm safe :biggrin: