Tory Burch Identify My Tory Burch!

Highrider9o9, Thanks for looking out for me. I am guessing this purse was manufactured before Tory Birch started using the spade logo, because that symbol is nowhere to be found on this bag. Also, the phone pockets are shallow, designed for the era of flip phones, the late 90's -early 2000s. The finish on the hardware is exceptional. There is no wearing through at the corners to the base metal that must be underneath even though I can tell by the handle (and by the stains in the lining) that this bag has been carried. The quality of the lining is heavy and very nice. It is interesting that the little metal "buttons" have the indentation like a screw head, which is reminiscent of the Cartier love bracelet that incorporated the screw head design.
I appreciate your reply. I hope your former manager offers an opinion about this bag.

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Ok I got a reply, she said it’s definitely real, but she can’t remember the name of the bag for the life of her, mostly because it is really old, back from when she first started around 2010. She said it was an expensive bag though and was almost positive it was originally $500.
Please thank your former manager for answering my question about the pink Tory Birch tote. If it was $500 in 2010, the rate of inflation puts it at $679 today. And truth be told, the quality of materials in this bag appear to me to be better than materials in bags selling around that price point today. I might just mail it to a leather restorer for cleaning this winter. For the time-being I am enjoying using it. I think its a great color for fall because the autumn leaves are turning colors where i live. I think it is fun to carry a vibrantly color purse. Thanks again, Highrider, for helping me out.