How should an engagement ring fit your finger?

  1. oh shoot....I don't like the fact that my ring tilts on my finger (not from left to right, but up and down if that makes any sense), and I want to get it sized a bit smaller.
  2. I don't know if resizing it will making it unnecessarily tight while tilting up and down is normal....
  3. I like the floppy look too. And I really hate the squished sausage look.

    Are you married yet? Maybe your wedding band could stabilize it?
  4. The wedding won't be until late next year. I don't like the super tight look, either, but I also want the diamond to sit straight up on my finger.....sigh..right now it only sits up straight when my hand is level.
  5. I also likte the floppy look, but you must do what you feel comfortable with, perhaps you can go to a store and try some smaller sizes on and see what how you feel about it, before you size it down, also some fingers change size with warmer weather.
  6. rarely, unless I am REALLY cold. It's pretty snug.
  7. Try it with a band first to see if that helps the problem.
  8. The jeweler my fiance and I got my ring from suggested putting sizing beads in mine. When I first got it it did the same thing as yours and it drove me nuts aesthetically, although as someone else said, I loved that it made me feel skinny-fingered. *LOL* Once the sizing beads were in it stopped doing it as much. The beads also allow room for finger expansion/bloating due to warm weather, salty foods, and that certain time of the month.

    I'd suggest you look into getting that done if the fit is otherwise okay for you.

    The jeweler said they can sometimes be uncomfortable but I've been wearing my ring since February and so far it's been just fine. I've only noticed some discomfort once, when I was carrying heavy grocery store bags into the house and the heavy handles were pressed against the ring just right.
  9. :roflmfao: That's what my finger would look like!!!
  10. My engagement ring is pretty snug. When I'm cold it may shift a little bit. I don't like the floppy look and rather have the ring stay in the upright position.
  11. Thanks Ladies!!

    I may just get it resized down by 0.25 of a size. When my hands are warm, it fits perfectly, but when my hands are cold, it moves up and down quite a bit. I can live with it for a couple of days but I can't live with it for the rest of my life! :smile:
  12. That seems like a good compromise. Probably a good idea so that you don't lose it, LIKE MY HUSBAND DID.:censor:
  13. I had sizing beads in my other e-ring (stolen). I am STRONGLY debating them for this one too. This one is SO snug especially over my freaky knuckles.

  14. Omg you had one stolen?? I'm so sorry to hear that, that's awful! I'd never heard of sizing beads before my jeweler suggested them. I adore them now. The ring isn't too snug and I can get it on and off easily, without it flopping around while I'm wearing it.
  15. Totally!

    I want to know where it is when I am wearing it. I don't want to feel it somewhere where it's not supposed to be :smile:

    I am hoping that 0.25 won't be THAT much of a difference.