How many Chanel bags do you have?

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  1. I have 4 and wish to have more :hbeat:
  2. I have three so far:

    M/l black lambskin with ghw
    Ultimate soft hobo
    Plum quilted WOC

    Hoping to get a gray mini flap (when it exists)!
  3. However many it says in my sig, plus one bag and a wallet, because I'm too lazy to update. :biggrin:
  4. Five:

    -classic quilted black caviar (11A) WOC SHW
    -classic quilted beige Clair (12P) WOC GHW
    -classic quilted red patent (11P) WOC SHW
    -225 Anniversary reissue black GHW
    -m/l classic flap black caviar SHW
  5. I love your red flap and it's make me want to add it into my Chanel family. :p

  6. I love to add a red into my family, but not sure it suite my everyday outfit. I'm not a big fan of red, but watching all the pretty red flaps. I'm wanting one now. :p
  7. your collection is perfect as it is:p
  8. so far i have 3 purses plus a wallet :hbeat::love::loveeyes:

    1. GsT Black Caviar in Shw~ Oct. 2011 (only 1 i've uSed so far:blush:)
    2. JumBo Black Caviar in GhW~ Dec. 2011
    3. Yen Wallet in Black Quilted Caviar~ April 2012
    4. ReiSsuE 227 in Dark Grey Age Calf in RhW 12a~ May 2012

    WouLd Like To Add MoRe soon :heart::giggles: either Clutch w/ Chain, Woc, Cert Tote, Boy or Mademoiselle in Red or Blue :cloud9: 'ur AdviCe is WeLcoMe :yes::girlsigh:
  9. I have 5 bags.
    1 classic flap, 1 reissue, 1 mini flap, 1 boy, and 1 woc.:biggrin:
  10. 3 but still wanting more lol :graucho:
    chanel 4.jpg CHANEL BEIGE8.jpg INSIDE WOC2.jpg
  11. Thank you, it is such a work horse. I kinda abuse it but it is still perfect. Those were the good old days when they made Chanels worth the money.
  12. I absolutely ADORE how you have the matching shoes to go with your bags :smile:
  13. I second that, both my vintage flaps are so perfect :smile:
  14. Love your matching shoes...for some reason I thought you had GST too
  15. lol no.. i wish... its next on my list :graucho: