Hong Kong Meetings -- Photos

  1. omg!
  2. 24 March 2012

    The 2 new bags (tosca fjord TPM GP , 40 SO birkin gris t/bleu electrique togo) met with Mr. Croc.

    Footlocker, Pretty99, Shopgirl bb, MCC having a fun & chatty :lolots::chatty:afternoon.

  3. :biggrin:Shopbb, pretty99, MCC, footlocker.... we are sharing, right, it's our culture, eh! :biggrin:

    Congrats to all of us!!! LoL
  4. I want and need to molest them all.
  5. ooh.. love the SO color combi!
    I am drooling over Mr Croc.
    Love tosca, such rich & wholesome pink.
    bet the bags & owners had a good time.
  6. Love the bag charm on the bi-color Birkin. Anyone know where I get one? ;)
  7. I got this from Japan Tokyu Hands, it's actually a hook for bags to be hang from the table side.....unique isn't it
  8. Thank you for the info pretty99, too bad I will not be going to Japan anytime soon.. Yes, I've seen those hook for the bags.. Very unique. :smile:
  9. During Easter, the usual suspects gathered together for a pig out.

    Shopgirl bb, Pretty99, Footlocker, MCC, DearCounsinBG, Lizlee316 :biggrin:


    Oops ! We are not good at taking photos .... so you guys have to guess the color of the bags again. :graucho:

    Easter 2.JPG Easter 1.JPG
  10. Seeing double!
  11. just wondering when is next meet-up in HK?....
  12. 21 April 2012.

    The usual suspects gathered for a buffet pig out. :party:
    MCC, DearCousin BG, Shopgirl bb, Pretty99, Footlocker, Lizlee316, Adia Daphne, DearFriend P
    Bags.JPG Food(2).JPG
  13. yeah!!! eat more!!!!!!!!!!
  14. OMG.......... I finally finished the whole thread!!! 262 pages!!! spend a week's office spare time peaking the thread...
    wonderful pictures!!!! I'm amazed......
    plz continue posting pictures~what a warm & sweet gathering group.....
  15. 29 April 2012

    Another pig out afternoon tea buffet meet. And we have the chance to catch up with some H buddies from overseas too. :drinkup::ghi5::drinks:

    Shopgirl bb, Pretty99, MCC, DearCousin BG, Lizlee316 and our mystery guests :biggrin:
    29 Apr.JPG