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I placed my first wish a month ago at my Geneva boutique, my SA noted all specificities (leather, size, color, hardware) so I had to be very precise. (I’m looking for a K25) And then she asked me to give a second option for the color, she said that’s the only second option she can add to her system. Now my husband decided to create a wish as well, so he went to the Lyon boutique (in France) a few days ago and placed a wish for a B25 to give me for our wedding anniversary next year, at the Lyon boutique he could give only one option. Initially he wanted to place an order for a mini Kelly but the SA said “impossible”, and refused to even put it in the system. So I guess it all depends on the country/boutique

I'm also in Europe. I placed my wish in February. I could choose only one style/one size/one leather/one hardware (e.g. Kelly 28 togo GHW) and 3 range of colors and for each range 3 specific colors (e.g. bleu nuit - bleu indigo - bleu de france). The first one being your prefered choice. I was told to be patient - around two years. It was my first visit to the store and did not buy anything that day, just placed my wish.
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Oct 29, 2022
I am new to Hermes, so I am not quite sure what the process is to get a B and a K. I have been watching youtube videos on how to acquire one, and most of the YouTubers mentioned the customer wishlist. When I first visited my local Hermes boutique my SA did not sit with me and fill out the customer wishlist. She had a piece of paper and she jotted down the size, color of the B and K I wanted. Is this the normal practice? It has been over 6 months and when I ask her if she has my wishlist she says she does, but I am not sure if she really does?

Not quite sure if I will ever get my dream bags, but just wanted to come here and see if you guys had a similar experience.
I recognize your experience and am curious if it is at the same store as the one I have had the same experience with (Netherlands)? although I have placed a wishlist almost a year ago (writing down the specs on a paper), I think it has been only recently that the actual request was added in the system as I checked in one of my recent visits directly with the SA