Hermes Herbag Questions, Please.

  1. Hi Everyone!
    I think this might be my first post from the Hermes thread. Just want to ask for recommendation on where I can get the Hermes Herbag 2in1 in 28, preferably in a darker colour. Also, if anyone can tell me how much they're going for.

    Thank you so much in advance!
  2. So I just got off the phone with my amazing SA, who went through every single color combination the Herbag is currently available in. I have been set on the black coated canvas version for months, but the last few days I was thinking maybe I should get a color and contrasting leather top. I am just so worried about the uncoated canvas and dirt and weather (I commute to work by walking /subway). So now i am thinking I should stick with my original plan, and then if I decide I want to add a little color I can wrap a twilly around the top handles. Thoughts?
  3. I was in a similar quandary. I recently bought an orange Herbag and I love it - I had my heart set on orange for a long time but I was always worried about getting it dirty and it not being practical. I have recently used it at the weekend and I travel using the tube and walking. I probably do baby it, I don’t put it on the floor and I’m conscious of people bumping into me or brushing by it but it’s seems to be ok and no marks on it yet! My other thought was to get black (not coated as I don’t like the shiny finish as much personally) as at least black wouldn’t show dirt so much! But I figured that I have so many black every day bags that I didn’t want the Herbag in black too. I’d much rather a B in black.

    Stick to your original idea, if you have thought about it and practically it works for you, don’t second guess yourself. The reasons you have given for wanting black coated and how you would jazz it up with a bright twilly seems like you have thought it out properly.
  4. Thank you! While I do love the colors and getting one would diversify my collection, I just don't think I would get as much use out of it. The orange herbag is beautiful! How do you find it holds up in the London rain? I never thought too much about getting black on black in uncoated. I suppose that is an option, though my SA said dark coated canvases are hard to clean because the cleaning method can drain the canvas of its color.
  5. Honestly, I haven’t taken her out in the rain and I don’t think I will, I’m too precious about it! I will always use a leather bag when it rains (usually a Celine luggage or Chanel bag). It really is just because the Herbag is canvas. I can’t imagine babying a B or K this much just because leather is so much more durable.

    I’ve been lucky that the weather has been relatively dry till today and I only really use the Herbag on weekends!

    Definitely would use a black Herbag as a daily bag though just because the colour is more practical for city life.

    I also got a Samorga insert to give more structure to the bag and make it more practical to use, I would recommend getting one when you get your Herbag!
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  6. Good advice! Since I plan on using my bag during the week and possibly in inclement weather, I think the coated canvas is probably the way to go. Where do you recommend buying a Samorga from?
  7. I bought it directly from the Samorga site. Found a 20% off code on a YouTube review! Seems to always have code being promoted by a YouTuber or IG influencer!

    It took ages to get here though, like a month! As they ship from Korea. But quality is good and I’m glad I got one as it will keep the inside of my bag in better condition (I smoke so I always get bits of tobacco in the bottom of my bags )
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  8. 6EB44901-718E-40C7-AF81-BEC1BDD28E5C.jpeg Does everyone find it hard to get stuff in and out? Just received this in the mail and just opening it the first time has me thinking about how hard it might be to use.. wondering what others think.. i love the size... was exactly what i was looking for. Doesn’t feel heavy either!
  9. Congrats on your lovely new Herbag!

    At first opening and closing gets some getting used to but you just learn the best and easiest way!

    Honestly using a Samorga insert has made it easier for me to get things in and out of the bag. The added structure helps me close the bag either when it’s set on a surface or hanging from my shoulder. Also helps you organise your stuff and not overfill your bag!
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  10. I’ll order the organizer today then.. wondering if this color would get any color transfer? .. this was the only one they had and i really loved the size and everything
  11. I posted a couple of rubbish pics of the organiser in my Herbag a couple pages ago.

    I think you should be ok with most colours, I’m always very wary of blue denim though but I don’t actually wear denim usually...
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  12. Just wanted to share upcoming Herbag for SS19, Herbag H Vibration. I have no further intel other than this image to share. :biggrin: :P
  13. So a couple weeks ago, I started my hunt for a Herbag. My SA noted that the store doesn't get many colours as she has only seen the black/black combination and the etoupe one. She had the apricot one in store but I passed on it..... so decided to try my luck with the online store. Over the past few weeks, I came across a few different colours on the Canadian website (before it was sold out):
    upload_2018-11-12_16-36-59.png upload_2018-11-12_16-37-17.png
    One night i decided to double check before bed and came across the bougainvillier/fauve one and it was one of the colours I was looking for!

    A week later, got the email to pick my bag in the store! It looks better in person than in pictures :biggrin:

    Thank you for letting me share!
  14. I wore dark jeans without thinking and got color transfer, a haze, on my cream toilet herbag.
  15. I am.....maybe we will run into each other at H one day....and I just realized I totally forgot to take the promised picture. I will get on that today.
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