help me choose, very sentimental purchase

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  1. Hi! You can feel the monogram grooves but it is not rough at all. It’s very smooth, does not catch on anything.

    I would put your initials on it. You can think of it as a gift from your grandparents. Many people buy a special gift from their inheritance in memory of and to honor that person. I am sure had your grandparents knew you liked lockets, they would have surely wanted you to have one.

    I am glad you decided on the oval and I am sure it will look lovely on you.
  2. By the way, when you ask for it to be engraved, I’m not sure what your preference is, but I like my initials to cover the full flat part of oval vs. only being in the “center” of the oval. Covering the entire flat part of the oval to me makes it look more like art too vs. a plain space where you just put 3 initials. It’s hard to explain but you can see in my photo, my 3 initials are engraved to fit the shape of the flat part of the oval. It is not just 3 initials thrown on like monogramming sheets.

    This is total preference but something to think about when you engrave it.

    I hope that made sense.
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