Help me choose my Michael Kors Handbag!!

  1. Should I get my new bag at the outlet or his store
  2. It depends on what bag you get and if you like the outlet version or not. Usually the outlet Hamiltons are different than the store version in that they don't have a lock and they are a bit smaller I believe. Sometimes they will have the lock version, but it's rare.
  3. That's what I want is the lock version! I will look at the outlet but more than likely go to the store! Thank you for your help!
  4. My beautiful new Michael kors Hamilton with gold hardware!!! I love this bag!!
  5. the hamiton
  6. Yes!!
  7. gorgeous! great choice :biggrin:
  8. Thank you!! I love her!!
  9. Love it! The soft leather really gives it such a different look than my saffiano leather! I think I want a luggage color in the soft leather now!
  10. That going to be my next!!!
  11. That's a beautiful bag. I think a Hamilton is in my future. I've been eyeing the distressed mocha croc Hamilton satchel on Macy's website.
  12. The Hamilton is the best purse I have purchased and I have LV speedy. I say if your thinking about one GET IT!!!! I love mine
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    I have both and love them but the black with gold hardware is pure class! I just picked up the MK Cheetah Astrid Large Haircalf and I like the size and less weight of that even better than my Hamiltons, sorry to say! They are all yummy!
  14. I have even found the leathers to be different. I originally purchased one that was floppy and returned it for one that has a stiffer leather and stands up on its own so make sure you unstuff it and try it out. Lesson learned. I have asked them why this is and all they said was that different bags are made fir different stores?
  15. Wow, that's a testament right there! I have loved the Hamilton from afar for a long time... maybe it will be my next buy? Thanks! I'm glad you like yours so much!