Has anyone shipped to an APO/FPO?

  1. Thank you each and everyone for your kind advices. I feel safe now to ship to an APO/FPO address if the buyer's Paypal confirmed address is an APO/FPO address.

    This forum is the most wonderful forum with all the wonderful members. I am so grateful to have received so many responses and guidance on this matter.

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  3. Additionally, there are flat rate priority boxes and Tyvek envelopes available for APO/FPO. They can be ordered on the USPS website.
  4. I would like to know how you handle with APO/FPO address over $250 item.

    I receive an offer from APO/FPO address member on eBay. I tried to find if I could add a signature confirmation service. But it seems not. Am I missing some details about shipping to APO/FPO address? Or no alternative service of the signature confirmation?

  5. It's been awhile since I shipped a bag to an APO but my understanding is yes, there is no signature confirmation. I was told the packages get scanned once they reach their destination. But I have no idea on how the military distributes these to the actual addressee. GL!
  6. I have APO/FPO/DPO address. Delivery confirmation - I am sure you can have. One time a seller had the item insured and as registered; it took additional 10-12 days for me to get the item because of that; that's what I was told by the mail room personnel.
  7. All APO/FPO/DPO mails/parcels go to New York first; then get sorted out and then delivered to actual APO address like APO 09870 is in Baghdad. So from the sender's address > NY > Baghdad.
  8. Thank you for your inputs, bhalpop & illusions.
    If the item is less then $250, delivery confirmation is fine. And the service is provided. But over $250, signature confirmation is required for seller protection. But signature confirmation is not avilable for APO/FPO/DPO address.

    So, it seems if I accept the offer, I need to do registered mail. But new question is, is it acceptable way for eBay seller protection??
  9. Great info on this thread...I know its from a while back but anyone have any answers/input to the question posed above by another TPF'er above [in quotes]...?
  10. I made an exception for a sweet buyer and shipped to an APO address once. The item stopped tracking information when it left US territory. The item was never "delivered" but the buyer sent me a message saying the item arrived safely and she left a positive feedback.
  11. Same. 6 times sent to APO/FPO addresses and 6 times tracking said: delivery status not updated. 2 buyers left positive feedback, 4 I've never heard from. I am sure I would have heard from them if there was problem by now (its been over 2 months since my last sale to APO/FPO address). Because of this I no longer ship to APO/FPO addresses. I know most people are honest but I am just not going to take my chances.
  12. I have a question - I printed the customs form online (via the link provided by paypal) Can I just tape this form to the box and leave it for my postal carrier to pick up? I like to get my packages out right away but I won't be able to make it in to the actual post office today. Any help would be appreciated :smile: