Gold or Silver?

  1. Go to get the both!
  2. I prefer the Gold too if they are black reva. I'm planning to get my first reva next month.
  3. I just got a pair of black leather Riva's with the silver medallion. They are so pretty and comfy! I chose the silver for fear of the gold turning or tarnishing. Not sure if this can happen but just in I normally wear silver or platimun jewelry.

    Now that I know that all leather are even more comfy, those will be my next purchase!
  4. Did you bought the same size as you usually use? Or did you gou up half size? TIA
  5. Funny you should the Miller 2 sandals, I wear an 8. In the rubber flip flops, I wear a 7 1/2. In these I had to get an 8 1/2!!!! Odd the shoes run so differently from the same designer. If the scrunchy part was not on the back, I couldn't get away with the 8 1/2 though b/c they are a little big length-wise but not by my toes. The 8 hurt by my toe area as it was a bit narrow. B/c of the back scrunchy part I love these shoes!!!! Very comfy for a ballet flat!
  6. I like gold better. I think it looks more classic and more chic. But honestly it depend on the whole outfit!
  7. gold!
  8. Silver...
  9. Gold!
  10. Gold ! =D
  11. hi! My girlfriend's birthday is coming up, and I wanted to get her some tory burch earrings. But I was wondering what color (gold or silver) is preferable on vietnamese skin tone. She does have both gold and silver jewelry, but I want to buy the one thats gonna look best on her. Thanks!
  12. bump
  13. Sliver
  14. I prefer gold if they are black. It depends on what bag you are carrying too. I have both silver and gold revas.
  15. gold