Evil eye thread! ️

This isn’t a designer piece. It’s made by a company called Yellora. The metal is a proprietary blend of gold, silver, and something else I can’t recall that looks like gold but costs less than gold. This stuff was sold in department stores like Macy’s when gold was over $1900 per ounce. I bought the bracelet, because I thought it was cute. I didn’t care what it was made of. The stones are white, blue, and black diamonds.
I’m totally obsessed with amulets, and especially evil eye jewelry. I have a book about the beliefs from all over the world. It explains some of the symbols you see on the jewelry that see random if you don’t know.

Zoroastrians believed that turquoise protects against evil eye.

I have a replica of an antique cimaruta I bought on Etsy made of silver. Italians believed you needed it made of a precious metal in order to work. But I’m especially fond of the Turkish glass evil eye charms.

Here are the pictures of my cimaruta. It is miniature, original cimaruta are about twice this size, and it is detailed on both sides.


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This is beautiful! Since I am not in NY and unable to go in store and try on how is the sizing? I currently wear size 17 love bracelets which are a little lose and wrist bone measures 6.25” my concerns is it will be too loose. How does your fit?

thank you in advance!
Hi. Sorry it tool a bit to reply. The bracelet fits me fine and I have a 6.50" wrist. I think it would would be quite easy for Bergdorf Goodman to have it made smaller without compromising the design. Call them and ask. They were very helpful when I ordered mine. Sometimes you can find one on eBay, just make sure that it's authentic as there a few copies out there. It must have the LES (or LS) in heart hallmark on the back of the middle charm). I LOVE this bracelet. I wear it with a bezeled tennis bracelet that's about the same size and carat weight of the evil eye diamonds. Good luck on your search!
Hi! I recently lost my favorite evil eye made in 18ct by Links of London. It was a gift from my late husband, so it has great sentimental value. Unfortunately for me Links of London went out of business recently. If anyone has knowledge where I can buy this one (has to be 18ct. .750) I would be eternally grateful. It can be pre-owned.