epi passy's on elux


Jan 17, 2006
wickedassin said:
The Passy is not officially launching until this Saturday. I went to my local LV. The GM only comes in black and red, and I think she said that was also the case for the small one too. Anyways, I did get them to let me see the bag and I got it!

It's a really nice size. It's basically the same size as the Batignolles Horizontal, but it's an inch wider. But it looks so much more "classic" and tailored in the Epi. I've never really looked inside a BH, but the Passy GM has a slim zippered middle "divider" section and closes with a clip up top. It also has a cellphone pocket.

It sits really comfortably on the shoulder and it's light. I thought it looked great on my arm too--sorta like a flapless Birkin :P I'm picking it up on Saturday and will take pics then! So excited! Definitely look at the bag if you're interested!
Oooh - congrats Wicked! Can't wait to see photos!:P


Jan 7, 2006
I can't hearrrrrrrr you! :shame: I need to lay off buying bags for a while because I bought so many this month.

Those bags are really cute... aaaaaaack!
Feb 8, 2006
So are these briefcases then? Not handbags? they are adorable! Also does the nano MC cover fit if you have a case on your nano?


Feb 28, 2006
jc2239 said:
just wanted to let everybody know that eluxury has both the epi passy PM and GM in black and red on their site, $1140 $1350 respectively.........these bags are adorable, kinda remind me of the mizi....

oooooh! jc, i think you may have found me my "something in black epi" for my waiting to buy list!