epi passy's on elux

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  1. I really like this. I would get the small one.
  2. The red is sharp! And I looooove that it can be worn on the shoulder. 10 points for LV for functionality!
  3. I'm really loving that bag!
  4. Hmmm... can't decide how I feel about them.
  5. Oooh - congrats Wicked! Can't wait to see photos!:P
  6. I need the video ipod cover. I have the nano one and I love it. :biggrin: V
  7. Mmm those are all sooo cute!!
  8. I LOVE Both Colors & Both Sizes...I'm In Big Trouble!!!
  9. Great looking bag!
  10. I love them both!! But I'm not crazy about the name!! :wacko:
  11. I can't hearrrrrrrr you! :shame: I need to lay off buying bags for a while because I bought so many this month.

    Those bags are really cute... aaaaaaack!
  12. So are these briefcases then? Not handbags? they are adorable! Also does the nano MC cover fit if you have a case on your nano?
  13. oooooh! jc, i think you may have found me my "something in black epi" for my waiting to buy list!
  14. yay i love finding ppl stuff they can buy :lol:......makes me feel better about all the stuff i can't buy........although i may have to splurge on a fendi B belt
  15. I really like the big one! I wish it came in Myrtille.