ENGAGEMENT RINGS! What does yours look like?

@forgetmenot301 Gosh this ring is beautiful. May I ask what the dimensions/specs are for your middle stone? Is this a princess cut? It looks amazing on your finger.
Hi! Sorry, just seeing this for some reason! Gosh I don’t have the info in front of me but I believe the middle stone is around 2.5ctish?! And I believe the sides are .5ct each. I also have tiny fingers so that helps :lol: And it’s a radiant! Color I believe is an h. It’s been ages since I thought about the specs lol
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I love the rope chain!! And was literally looking at diamond nameplate necklaces last night
I had a beautiful, specially made nameplate in 14K with diamonds and rubies. No one liked it, said that it was “ Too flashy” so I didn’t wear it.
When my daughter turned 17, I gave it to her, she lost it!!!!!!!!:annoyed: