Engagement rings: Europe vs. US vs. Asia?

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  1. going trough divorce? wow, I had never heard about that!

    and if it would be ok to ask, could you pm me about how much a ring like yours would cost in euros? I live in Germany, and my mother wants to give me a tiffany diamond ring, but I dont have much idea of prices in there. Im in Brazil for vacations but will be back in Germany soon. the bad thing is i live far away from a tiffany store, and the one opportunity i will have to go, at the airport, Husband to be would be by my side, and he would feel unconfortable with that, me looking for an expensive ring my mother will give me, while he is still saving for my ring, and i dont want to hurt his pride for staying there discussing stone sizes and prices with him close to me. so it would be great to have an idea of price if possible.

    hope im not bothering, if i am you can disregard my request
  2. Sending you a P.M. right now!
  3. Absolutely LOVE this practice..... marriage being represented by a plain, unbroken circle. Diamonds in the U.S. are definitely overrated, & largely due to the marketing practices of a certain mining company we've all heard of.
  4. In Australia, it's definitely more common to see a wedding band and an engagement ring although older married ladies will sometimes separate the two rings and wear them on opposing ring fingers.

    Engagement rings can be anything really - sapphire, emerald, ruby (usually with a diamond halo) or diamond, solitaire or halo, claw or bezel set. Carat weight can be anything from 0.5 - 2 carats, though anything larger than 2 carats is definitely unusual, at least in my social circle.

    We are getting a 1.5carat diamond that is a gift from my mother set in white gold - I can't wait to see it :biggrin:
  5. In the Netherlands you see mostly plain bands, sometimes with a small stone sprinkled on it. Engagement rings are not common, but are becoming more popular. Engament rings were mostly 5 stone rings with sapphire/diamond or other colored stones and diamonds. We now see more solitaires.

    Solitaires are also often given as a present from parents on their daughter's 18th or 21st birthday. Diamonds are mostly modest in size.
  6. In India it varies from region to region
    As you know diamonds originated from India some families like to show off that
    I have seen in North India girls wearing Jadau [the uncut diamond jewelry]
    It's very big but beautiful as well
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