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Dec 18, 2022
I just discovered ILoveDooney while searching for a bag my mother wanted (she was waiting for clearance pricing...never came and the bag sold out at Dillards). Anyways, I was able to purchase the bag for $149 from $368 (it was $208 before it sold out at Dillards). The bag was the lizard embossed drawstring (Kendall) in Chestnut. They currently have two promos "January" for the bag of the month, the Ostrich twist hobo, and "Nines" for various other items.
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Aug 13, 2014
Special pricing on some handbags/colors on I Love Dooney.
The discounted price shows up on the main page so it makes it easier to find
the 'treasures'.
Some of the handbags are more expensive than in the last sale,
some are no longer getting an extra discount.... but a few seem to be
lower priced than over the weekend (including a Florentine that I was looking at).
So if there is something you have been stalking.... it's worth checking out to see
if it's reached a magic/buy it now price for you.
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