Does anyone have the Parker Convertible Backpacks?

Aug 17, 2016
I hadn't even realized the regular sized Parker backpack was available in these colors, because they never came up on the Coach website:


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Jan 1, 2013
Do you find that the leather on this scratches easily?
I’ve used mine a lot and I carry as a shoulder bag. I see some scratches but I can moisturize them away. And only because I looked at the bag under a light that I saw them. I did notice some “creasing” at the top but it’s because I tend to grab the bag at that spot. I’ve gotten better about picking it up by the chains.
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Oct 24, 2013
I had this last year but mine was sort of stiff, pale leather ( black but looked almost grayish instead of silky black as you'd expect of calf). I saw a complaint about this elsewhere and I'd be afraid to buy online for that reason. Mine came from macy's. The leather is shoddy on some of these. I returned it because I didn't like how it looked as a backpack but I'm reconsidering since it's so versatile.
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Jan 23, 2013
I am 5'6" size 6, hope this helps!

Just of the larger size, and then a comparison of the two:
I know I’m responding to an old post but did you end up getting the large? I have the small and am obsessed with it. In fact, I’m obsessed with all things Parker, quilting and coach’s chalk color in general. Haha! I’d love the larger size bc I’m a mom of 2 little boys and it would be helpful for short trips outs as a diaper bag. Did the large size feel ok on you or too clunky?
Jan 23, 2013
I don't like posting pictures of myself :smile:, so I used my trusty old mannequin to help me out! I only wear the backpack hand held or on the shoulder and it's way too long to wear as a crossbody.
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I’m on the hunt for this exact bag! Can’t find it anywhere. Found black smooth leather or chalk quilted. I have the small chalk quilted and am obsessed so may just get it in the larger size and can hopefully sell it if I ever come across this one. If you ever want to sell yours and it’s in excellent condition, you got a buyer here!