Do your tory burch reva flats stink?

  1. None of my shoes stink...I guess I'm just lucky. But I do know a lot of people who complain about their Revas stinking. I agree with the baby powder - the only "shoes" that ever stunk were my field boots that I wear in horse shows. My last pair started to have a little bit of an odor from wearing them in the summer. I got really annoyed one day and dumped baby powder in them, shook it out the next morning, and they were fine again.
  2. I wore my Tory Burch Carolines through a rainstorm and even though they've dried out, they are so smelly whenever I wear it for even just a few hours now! Granted it's summer and my feet are a tad more smelly than during the winter, but does anyone know of a remedy?
  3. sometimes they do if I've been walking around a lot in the heat. What I do with all my shoes just to be safe is put Gold Bond foot powder in the shoe and let it sit over night. It absorbs any odor that might be there and when I wear them the next day they actually feel more comfortable because the powder prevents rubbing if my feet swell in the heat. I would recommend it if you've been out for a long day in the shoes or if you just want to be sure! enjoy your revas :smile: