Do these Prada bag charms resemble 'Little Black Sambo?'

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    What ethnicity are you my dear? Better yet - how old are you? While maybe neither of the answers to my questions factor in to your obvious lack of sensitivity, at the end of the day this charm is indeed horribly offensive and downright tacky. What next Prada - charms hanging by a noose.
  2. Don't take it personal
    Beauty in the eyes of be holder
  3. I think we have to look at this in context. Prada has a history of making fantasy driven charms. These monkeys were a part of a line of bizarre creatures. Here are just a few - including the monkeys 1223AFE9-E806-46CA-8CA7-DA4D73BDBD8F.jpeg Given that this isn’t a stand alone item and is part of a history of producing weird creatures, I absolutely do not think Prada was trying to be racist. Were they clueless. Yes. Should they have been more conscious? Probably.

    I also don’t think they were trying to be racist simply because they want to make money. It would take a really dumb and almost psychotic leadership to do something stealth racist and think they were going to get away with it without incurring brand and possibly financial hits.

    What kills me is this is getting more cross racial discussion and anger than far more truly racist, life crushing issues like minorities not getting fair access to employment because of institutionalized racism - particularly at mid and senior management levels or blacks in particular getting shot and killed by police officers for doing “crazy” things like being in their own home or walking in their own neighborhood. Many majority and non black people are comfortable saying this charm is a doggone shame but, are strangely silent when life limiting or life ending daily injustices are reported. :thinking:

    So, while I don’t want to ignore a monkey charm, I think we all could put our anti - racism energy and social pressure on more important things.
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