Did you carry a Treesje today?

  1. Sure did!!!!! Chocolate Asher baby!!!:nuts:
  2. Carried my Lipstick London Satchel Tuesday and Wednesday then...


    ...changed to my black Sophia hobo yesterday!!:heart:

  3. Gave my new black shine Hendrix a whirl. I have a severe backlog of new bags awaiting their turn.
  4. I wore my grey Marley for the first time and I LOVE it! It's so comfy on the shoulder and I love the leather and studs! I can't believe I waited a couple months to wear it.
  5. I wore my bordeaux Dylan yesterday . . . rec'd sooooo many compliments on it (and it was so comfortable to use!), I'm carrying it again today!
  6. Yup -- Grey Shine Magnolia! (At last!) :biggrin:

  7. Carrying my Studded Mini Asher in black today. :love:
  8. Have been carrying my Purple Marley all week..... LOVE IT:yahoo:
  9. Carried Oceano Magnolia!! :cloud9:
  10. I've been carrying my grey Marley. I love it!
  11. Electric blue asher today...a classic.
  12. Fuchsia Asher
  13. Chartreuse Sophia!
  14. Oceano Magnolia
  15. After a temporary hiatus, I'm back to Dylan (bordeaux). Love this bag so much, I really may need to splurge on the toffee or oceano versions this weekend--tons of compliments, super size, and so pretty!