Diamond color d - h

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  1. Lovely set! Agree with everything you said. My diamond is also from white flash!
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  2. I went from a well cut G color oval diamond to an excellent cut I color round cut diamond and I do not see a hint of color what so ever. I think cut is most important when it comes to diamonds. Im color sensitive and would only consider G or higher with my original engagement ring. I completely have a different opinion now because of my upgrade.

    01E1F31E-B846-4E2C-878B-F414CBAACED7.jpeg B953A05B-573A-4E52-B411-3FDDEE2D5753.jpeg 3AA848B7-B0EB-45C7-8C73-CEFEFA075E9D.jpeg
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  3. IMG_7511.JPG IMG_8017.JPG

    Thank you - but honestly ALL the Whiteflash ACA line are amazing! Also heard amazing things about Crafted By Infiniti. Mine is 1.60 J color. Never seems tinted to me and I tilt it and look from the side all the time. Now I am not saying this a G they got graded wrong - just that to normal people an ideal cut I -K looks like a white diamond. VS2 and SI1 also will have no noticeable effect - although I would run a SI1 by the Pricescope forum.
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  4. I have a antique G .75 CT solitaire. It's nearly flawless and so pretty. The cut off your diamond can make a huge difference.
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  5. A wellcut diamond will show very little warmth face up til you get to below a J. Face down is how they're graded, and where you see the most body color. A side view will also show some body color. Obviously side by side, if you held a D to a J you'd see some internal warmth but definitely not yellow. However, diamonds reflect their surroundings, so unless you're in a perfect, stark white vacuum of color, it's going to pick up what is around it.

    I have currently and have in the past owned stones as low as a K, my sweetspot seems to be an H. Just enough warmth to liven it up, but not warm enough to not read super white. And yes you do get a better value for the price from H-J, though they're gaining popularity as people want more bang for the buck.

    Focus more on cut quality (which you should surely see with WF) and then decide if color or clarity is more important. For ME it's always clarity.
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    I agree VS1 or VS2 clarity is perfect and VVS1 or flawless is so unnecessary. And F G or H color is usually beautiful, except sometimes the setting may make it look more yellow, so just go by how it looks but it would probably be unnecessary to have a D or E color.

    One of my diamonds is pretty yellow. It’s beautiful but J color. I thought having it set in white gold instead of yellow gold would make it look whiter, however, it actually appeared yellower in comparison to the white gold. So I have kept it in yellow gold and am waiting for a lighter color and will trade it in.
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  7. Hi!
    Mine is a G, VS1 and Gia excellent cut. It is not as impressive in carat (if you compare) but I love it. Faces up sparkly white all of the time, almost icy(which I totally love).
    Good luck! :smile: