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  • Chevy Chase

  • Tyson's Corner

  • Towson

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Jun 9, 2008
Hello Everyone! I'm just posting some of the meet up rules as I see that some members who are interested in meeting up may not be eligible yet.

1. Gatherings will be limited to established PF members. As we do with RAOK, this generally means members who have 500 posts and/or have been around for 5 months or so. Obviously, this is somewhat discretionary as some newer members quickly become a regular part of the community, but it is really important to error on the side of being cautious. Any questions, just send myself or any of the Louis Vuitton subforum moderators a PM.

2. Please DO NOT post too many specifics about your gathering (exact location, time etc.). It is so important to remember that anyone can see these threads and the internet is vast. Use the PM system to convey such pertinent details, and work together to keep each other safe.
Feb 4, 2009
I'm moving from NYC area to a very cute neighborhood in MD in end of April. Over a decade of NYC has made me miserable! I don't know anyone there but do know that tpf is a great place to make awesome friends! I'll be watching this thread earnestly! Hope the meeting happens!


sofa king addicted.
Nov 13, 2007
I think we should just pick a date and time and whoever can make it should come? I'm near the Towson, MD (Baltimore) store and would love to meet other LVers! Maybe June/July? I'm sure my wonderful SA would be thrilled to host us and I'm happy to arrange it!

I’m new to the LV world (my first piece is en route to me as we speak!!!) but I have loved the brand for the past 12 years! I am pretty local to the Towson store and would love to join a meetup if that’s okay! [emoji4]
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