Current bag quota

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  1. Yeps! I’m also on bag #5. The only one thing that my SA mentioned when I got my 2nd B/K this year was “you know that you can only buy one every 6 months!” I was going to tell her that my last one was well over 6 mths sfo but turned out it wasn’t. It just felt much longer than that! Other than the 6-mth rule, my SA has been quite good at offering me pretty much what’s on the wishlist!
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  2. I suspect that it depends on how the sky looks when the SA wakes up in the morning.
  3. In the US, Account typically means a person. My husband has an account and so do I. If I hit quota, then hubby has to buy the offered bag. Assuming your store allows the spouse to buy on your behalf. HTH
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  4. Thank you all ladies! Very helpful!
  5. Haven’t liked anything offered this year and don’t think I can get in my store till early July. Do you think if I like what’s offered it would count towards a semester 1 bag?
  6. Sorry, but highly unlikely. Never hurts to ask Good Luck!
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  7. My SA in New York says it’s 1 K or B per season. Constance does not count towards the quota (at least not in my store). SOs K and B used to not count towards the quota either, but they do now. :sad:

    HOWEVER, if you have been waiting for a specific bag for a long time and the store just so happens to get the bag, the SA can apply for an exception with the manager to allow you a 3rd K or B for the year (She’s done it for me before).

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  8. My SA told me that it's only one B or K per year for me and I'm based in Canada, although the boutique that my SA is in is quite small in comparison to other H stores.
  9. Is the policy 6 months? Or season(Jan-June and July-Dec)? I bought a Birkin at FSH early February. Can I buy another bag there in July? Or does it have to be 6 months after my purchase date (Sept)? confused!
  10. Yes you can get another one in July. It’s anytime within each 6 months of a given year
  11. I’m sorry, just a bit confused. I bought a bag early Feb at FSH so if I understand correctly 6 months after that purchase, I can buy a new one? Thank you!
  12. You can buy one within the first six months of the year and one within the second six months of the year. Theoretically, if you were super lucky, you could get one June 30 and another the next day on July 1.
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  13. I actually did almost this...bought my Barenia B on December 31 and was offered an Etoupe B on January 4th.
    That said this restriction is totally dependent on the phase of the moon and whther Mercury is in retrograde.
  14. Ahahaha! Same. Last year my B30 was December and January. So painful (to wallet).
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  15. Almost the same here. After Thanksgiving and then January. The bleeding wallet is one thing. The truly painful part is twiddling our thumbs till July.