Cruise 2024 Show

Hey hun!
Do you have infos from your SA yet if the Speedy will make it to regular production? Or just VIP / VIC? And an SKU?
I would love to get one!! :loveeyes:
Thanks in advance :hbeat:
Yes, it’s one of the items open for resee reservation in 2 days time .
Speedy 20 M24261 made of lambskin . I think it’s the same material as the Malletage Alma PM that came out many years ago , my CA confirmed it’s not vachetta / vvn 338F6A2E-7614-4B66-B554-AA768D264B7B.jpeg
I kind of love the monogram beige and cream canvas but the dark leather parts look too heavy on it. VVN looks nice. If you’re going to make a bag you need to be careful with, might as well go all in. :lol: If they did this in a speedy 20…:heart:
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