coach trade in


Nov 2, 2011
I got lucky and traded in a Mason in excellent condition and got $140 for it. I had paid $179 new and carried it for a couple of years!
That is great when it works out like that! That is why I say that sometimes it is worth it. I have to laugh--I had a bag that only got me $40 which was far too low but I just didn't care (I had bought it from a reseller and just didn't want to carry it). So then I saw they sold it on the restored section of reloved for about the same prices as original retail, and then I saw the same bag on posh marked up another $50. It has made its rounds, lol!
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Mar 17, 2019
I find the leather and color to be absolutely stunning. It was of the era of the crinkle leather, where it was almost gathered into rows, if that makes sense? (Reminds me of Miu Miu.) It's a large satchel with an extra strap and is pristine, except in the closet something has happened only with the handles -- they've become sticky. I've tried cleaning, conditioning and can't get the tackiness feeling to go away... so I've thought maybe they could fix the handles and resell it
Just a thought, but if you love the bag (and it sounds like you enjoy the gathered leather and unique colour), you could have a local cobbler change the handles for you. It wouldn't cost much and would mean you can enjoy the bag again.
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