COACH Hall of Shame - Post Coach fakes here!

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  1. Pleeeeeease post pics with the links. The links to eBay have "invalid" pages once the auction is reported so it can't be seen anymore. :sad:

  2. Yes, there ARE fake "classic" Coaches - even wallets. This seller has three fake Sheridan wallets from the mid-90s under both Current and Completed auctions, and with bogus "control" cards from Korea. The outsides of the wallets are very accurate, but the insides are cheap and nothing like anything Coach ever made. Even the logos are wrong. These have already been reported, BTW.

    (The same seller MTG12345 has also sold fake Tiffany pieces)
    KOREA_mtg12345_fake2-d.JPG KOREA_mtg12345_fake3-b.JPG KOREA-OR-CHINA_Sheridan_wallet-1.JPG KOREA-OR-CHINA_Sheridan_wallet-4.JPG KOREA_mtg12345_fakeTIFFANY-1-b.JPG
  3. [​IMG]

    I reported this yesterday and it's still up....
  4. Link?
  5. Asking $135!! Yeah right!

    Bran New Coach Hand Bag. I got this past month but then found a guess one i like much better. Let me know if you have any questions.
    Size: 13 in by 10 in Medum to Larger Size hand bag.

    New the price is $598.00
    fake1.jpg fake2.jpg fake3.jpg
  6. fakes3.jpg fakes.jpg fakes2.jpg
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Thread Status:
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