Chanel j12 or Cartier Love bracelet yellow gold?

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  1. I'd go with the Cartier love bracelet.
  2. j12 in black
  3. if you don't have a watch then the j12 otherwise the love bracelet!
  4. The cartier. :yes:
  5. I have both, and you can't go wrong w/ either the watch nor the bracelet, both pieces are TDF, but if you decide to pick the j12 I will say to get it in black is looks much better for a guy:tup: G/L w/ your decision.
  6. love bracelet!!!!!!!!!!
  7. LOVE bracelet:yes:
  8. cartier love bracelet first! and then save up for the J12 so you'll have both eventually :smile:
  9. Since I have a J12 chrono and a yellow gold love bracelet (wearing them together on the same wrist right now!), my advice would be to go with the bracelet. I have worn mine non-stop for 12 years and still adore it and the sentiment that it represents. Received the J12 for my b-day 2 yrs ago this May, am wearing it for the first time in months because it just returned from an $800 repair job-doubt it stand the test of time.
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    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008
    Definitely the Love Bracelet! Try to imagine yourself wearing a serious Black Suit for an interview with both items

    Which do you find more versatile?

    Then, try to imagine yourself wearing both items when you are 40, 50, or even 60.....
  11. For a guy, I think the black J12 is a better choice. While I adore the Cartier love bracelets, I'm not a fan of bangle style jewelry on men.
  12. I'd vote for the J12. In black!
  13. For a timeless piece, I would say the Cartier bracelet. If you decide to go with the J12, definitely black for a man :tup:
  14. Yes tough....but the Chanel j12 watch chrono is a show stopper. I'm salivating right now just thinking about. The love bracelet is nice...lots of people have it though...not that thats a bad thing I like it as well. I just love Chanel though.
  15. I say Cartier,I have the love bangle and have worn it for nearly 11 years,I bought my Dh the platinum one for his 30th and he never takes it off...Bit of a pain when you are going through airports though...!