Chalcedony Alhambra

  1. I don't own any chalcedony, but two of my friends do, and I really like the look of it! Very feminine and versatile too. Would like to add it if I get the chance, right now I have MOP and onyx in my collection.
  2. Love chalcedony... it's the only white gold piece I'd actually want from VCA. Prior to this board, I knew the stone as "blue lace agate" and VCA has the prettiest striations of it I've seen.
  3. Hi
    I am planing to buy chalcedony i got the bracelet and the magic earring (3 stones) the reason for that is that i like to wear pink all the time.
    bags and outfits along with the blue. and i only have things in yellow gold.
    so thought it is time to buy white gold and started with the chalcedony so far it has been my favorite.
    i would like also to buy a white gold watch but still have not decieded on a specific brand.

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  4. I tried on chalcedony vintage pendant in the boutique today, and loved how it is semi see-through and would take on a bit of a different hue depending on the colour underneath -- it really popped against a royal blue fabric. The SA will bring in the bracelet and 10 motif for me to try (currently in storage)... I have a feeling I would at least get the 10 motif =)
  5. Here are a couple of pics with my chalcedony. I loved that it could be icy blue or other times more lavender depending on my outfit.
    IMG_0204.jpg IMG_0203.JPG
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  6. I'm glad other ladies find the stone flattering and work for them, unfortunately I've tried on this stone many times and it just doesn't work for me at all. I'm quite pale and the stone just makes me look sickly, and the white gold definitely didn't help with the look either.
  7. I love chalcedony! Betty loves to model in it too! IMG_1491627604.745460.jpg
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  8. I really love chalcedony. I own the WG 20 motif MOP necklace but in hindsight I wish I got the chalcedony. I went for the 'safe' option. I only say that because it truly goes with everything and I didn't want to make a mistake on my first purchase. I still love my necklace, but my heart skips a beat when I see chalcedony. Hmm, if it is hard to come by, it may be a wise decision to purchase.
  9. So cute! :heart:
  10. I love my chalcedony pendant in white gold. Chalcedony is also known for helping its wearer to feel balanced... so I wear it if it's going to be a rough day, too.
  11. Good to know the meaning behind the stone. I have the 10 motif necklace ordered and will be here next few weeks. Can't wait to see in person.
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    I stopped in the local VCA to try on the wg pave frivole earrings which I was pretty sure I was going to get as I absolutely love my yg small and large frivoles earrings and had decided on wg as the yg pave frivole seemed too similar to the yg pave vintage earrings I just ordered.
    I was also considering the yg mop alhambra necklace, but eventhough I've found yg suits my coloring more, after reading this thread, I decided to try on the the 10 motif chalcedony wg necklace.
    The pave earrings, though gorgeous, felt a little too blingy for everyday which I was really disappointed.
    The yg mop necklace looked surprisingly ho-hum on me.
    The chalcedony necklace, on the other hand, was love at first sight:smile:
    The one I tried seemed to be more grey and lavender and felt it would go with far more colors that I'd previously imagined.
    It also felt like it could be both casual and dressy and really complemented my large fleurettes!
    I'm going to now see if I can get two 10 motifs to match as I prefer to have the option of wearing a single short strand.
    So grateful to have come across this thread without which I probably wouldn't have discovered how well perfect they appear to be for me!
    Will keep you all posted:smile:
  13. You grabbed my attention when you mentioned large fleurettes as I have these earrings. Must be STRONG as I am trying really hard to be good and not be tempted by another stone until I see what VCA offers next year.
    Congratulations on your decision. Chalcedony is SO pretty and the lovely ladies here really do a great job showing how beautiful and chameleon like this stone can me.
    I hope that your SA can find a nice matching pair of 10's for you. It is really nice to have the option to wear it both long and short.
  14. Thank you so much, tgg , you're the jlaw of purseforum:smile:!
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed on getting a good match.
    But I haven't entirely given up on the pave fleurettes -- just have to think more about how much I'd use them.
    How often and for what occasions do you wear yours?
    And I know just what you mean about staying STRONG...VCA is just too tempting.
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  15. Are you referring to the fleurettes or the pave frivole earrings?
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