Celebrity Ray Ban sunglass i.d. thread

  1. I bought my first Wayfarer yesterday and the one on the first picture looks the same like mine: Folding wayfarer Havanna.
  2. ^^What size are they? 50, 54, 55?
  3. Size 50 are my wayfarers. I think Miranda Kerr has the same pair (previous page).
  4. ^^Oops. Sorry I meant what size are the large ones above on the girl in the car with the beret. :flowers:
  5. Yes, I think they are the Folding Wayfarers (Havanna colour) in size 50!
    My Wayfarers look the same. The Folding Wayfarers are only in size 50 and 54. Miranda Kerr is also wearing a size 50.

    But there are so many! So I'm not sure but my Wayfarer look the same like the one on the girl with the beret.
  6. So are Kate's wayfarer's the "54's"? Hers look larger than Lily's wayfarers (probably the "50"?)

  7. Gwyneth Paltrow (caravan's?)


  8. ^^ her RB's looks great on her and her bod is bangin'!!
  9. What is the difference between the Folding Wayfarer and the Original Wayfarer?

  10. one folds at the temple into a compact design. the other are just regular and you have to fold the arms.
  11. ^^It looks to me like the lenses are larger too.
  12. Do these look like caravan's too?

  13. I'm leaning towards "54" for Kate's sunnies. What do you think?


  14. Okay - according to this site she's wearing the "54" I think Miranda Kerr is too!


  15. This shows the size difference well. I tried on the "50's" today and they were WAY too small for my face. Rachel's face must be tiny - makes sense since she's such a tiny girl!

    Rachel in her size "50" 2140's

    Rachel in her size "54" 2140's