Celebrities and their Watches

  1. ^My pleasure.:smile:
  2. Victoria Beckham
  3. Can anyone ID this one?


    It wouldn't quote the pic itself but I love this watch!
  4. Rolex Daytona I think in Yellow Gold with Diamond markers, pretty self-explanatory. There are tons of Daytona pictures in here.
  5. Thank you. I've not looked at each picture/page or descriptions to see that this was a Rolex Daytona! This is the first picture I noticed! Thank you though.
  6. What watch is this?? Gorgeous!!
  7. I so love this thread! Thanks so much birkin101 for keeping it going!
  8. Wow. I've just looked through every single page on this thread (it was a project that took me several days!). A big thanks to birkin and all those who post such amazing photos on there. They are very helpful for those of us trying to make watch decisions!

    I have a question for anyone who might care to chime in... As far as I can tell, Minka Kelly is the only celeb featured on here with a 31mm midsize Rolex. There are a few 26mm's, and of course a ton of Day-Dates, Daytonas, and other 36+ sizes.

    I am wondering why the 31mm is such an unpopular size in this thread? It seems like the perfect compromise between classic and a bit of edginess, with a nod towards the larger watch trend while still looking feminine. I am on the verge of pulling the trigger on a 31mm all yg for myself, but looking through this thread has begun to make me wonder if I should be considering a 36mm instead? I'd appreciate any thoughts / feedback!
  9. bem, get what 'you' like don't worry about what others have if the 31 suits you. I think it is very versatile as you have said. It is not too big for dress and also great for casual. I wouldn't go large for my only Rolex, or only watch of any brand - I would like one that could dress up or down, and I think some of these huge watches the celebs are wearing with dressy clothes don't look right to me JMO
  10. ITA with chessmont! She gave some great advice. I personally think you should always go with what you love. Others' opinions, at this price point especially, should be on the bottom of your list. From my personal experience, if I go with what I love at first sight, I've found that I still love it months/years later.
  11. Thanks for your advice, chessmont and purseinsanity! I did not really mean to imply that I was intending to let the trends of celebrity watches influence what I ultimately choose. I am, however, genuinely perplexed why there are virtually no 31mm's on celebrities - especially given that there are many celebrities with 26mm's. When I said that looking through the thread was making me second guess my choice of a 31mm, it was more so because just the mere act of seeing hundreds of larger watches being worn by women sort of desensitized me to the size! I'm nearly certain that 31mm is still the perfect size for me, though...
  12. so sorry for misunderstanding, bem. I think you don't see the 31 because it just isn't the 'in' thing with celebs right now, to my thinking.
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  14. Cartier Ballon Bleu
  15. Beautiful!!!! :tup: