Celebrities and their Watches

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  1. Thank you! :smile: It's 36mm.
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  3. This threat is amazing! It should be a sticky one..
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  5. Birkin 101, keep up the great work well done!!!! Your thread is just awesome, i started from the pg 1 and ended at page 127. All in the search of the perfect Rolex for moi. I am finally swayed from the GMT 11 to the Daytona for my bday 40th pressie. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  6. Birkin 101.... you are the number one !!! thanks i really enjoy all your pictures. Luca
  7. Great choice, I've been lusting after Daytona for quite some time now which resulted in me finally taking the plunge and getting it....although I still have not quite finished paying for it.:smile:
  8. Balimoon and Lukehot, thank you for your kind words. :hugs:
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  11. From Paris Fashion Week :smile:


  12. Love this thread!
  13. mlemee from Hermes in Action

  14. Hello, can anyone ID this watch?
  15. Hello,
    Rolex day date president link champaign stick dial and fluted bazel I think this is 36mm bigger wrist try 41mm. Thank you