CeeJay's BAL-a-palooza!! [Balenciaga Collection over time]

  1. IMO .. one of the Bal "classics" that should be in every Balenciaga collector's closet, is a Black bag. I have many Balenciaga Black bags, a few that you've seen .. but still more to come. One of my favorite Black Balenciaga bags, is my 2007 Black GGH PT. While I like the GSH with Black as well, to me .. the GGH just makes the bag classier!! Still in the collection ...

    .. I think the bag looks so cute with the Juicy Couture "London Double-decker Bus" charm!
  2. You know, it's funny .. I've never been that much into the Blue color .. until the past few years! I think AtelierNaff did a study one time of the most frequent color/hue that Balenciaga has done over the years (not counting Black - obviously), and the winner was ... BLUE!! No wonder, at some point, the Balenciaga collector turns into a Balenciaga Blue "addict"!!

    One Blue that I'm particularly fond of, is Outremer. I have this color in the RH PT .. as well as the one below - the 2010 Outremer GSH PT!! The leather on this bag is WONDERFUL; still in the collection !!

    Nummie, nummie .. yummie LEATHER!
  3. From a Handbag 'brand' standpoint, IMO .. there are 2 brands which do Metallics really well ... Lanvin & Balenciaga.

    You've already seen some of my many Metallics (many more to come), but I also promised that in addition to the limited edition '09 Pewter Silver HW City, I would also show you the "original" (well - kinda, this is the 2nd Pewter Metallic - from the 2005 Metallics collection). The 2005 Pewter Metallic City, differed from the '04/05 Holiday Pewter Metallic, in that the HW is Silver .. whereas, the '04/05 had painted HW exactly the same as the leather! Still in the collection ...

    Here are some good comparison shots -
    --> Top: '09 Ltd Edition Pewter Silver HW City
    --> Bottom: '05 Metallics Collection Pewter Silver HW City

    .. and another:
    --> Left: '09 Ltd Edition Pewter
    --> Right: '05 Metallics Pewter
  4. Pheeeew .. think I'll call it a nite for now! Be back soon with more ..
  5. OMG-the hits just keep on coming from you-all fabulous-I see that you did end up getting an Outreamer GSH after all!:woohoo:
  6. Yeah .. :shame: .. I couldn't resist; it's GORGEOUS!! Believe it or not, I'm probably about 1/2 way through the collection .. and that's not including the Accessories! I wonder if the Betty Ford Clinic has opened their "Balenciaga Addiction" Center yet?!!? :lolots:
  7. Unbelievable & to think that I feel guilty for having over 10-LOLZzzzzzzz!!!!
    How do you store them all? I am wanting to take mine out of the boxes just to save room in my closet but was unsure of how to store them?
    beautiful collection-The only one I have seen that was bigger was Sweetpurples that you to be on TPF she is the one that got me started/looking at Bals after I saw her pics!
  8. Always worth coming here and getting my Bal-Dose for the day :biggrin:
    Can't wait to see the other half of your collection CeeJay!!!
  9. An unbelievable collection! I'm considering my first Balenciaga and this thread is a priceless education. I'm definitely feeling the call of a flat brass and I've updated my eBay saved search criteria accordingly. Thank you so much for sharing.
  10. wow...amazing!
  11. this collection is MIND-BOGGLING! even the items that are no longer in the collection...your eye is impeccable. sheesh, you are really doing your thing girl! you have fantastic taste!
  12. wow.... love them all
  13. Again, thank you all for your lovely comments!! I just love my Bal bags; can 'ya tell?!?! ;)
  14. A very quick post/addition for tonight .. as it's already late and have to get up early for work (BOO - but it's what pays for these babies!).

    I have a dear friend, who like myself, LOVES to scavenge .. always on the hunt for the eternal bargain. So, she's in NYC at a famed Consignment Shop, when 'lo and behold (as I'm sitting in the Hair Dresser's chair) .. I get a picture of the beauty below!!

    "HOLY MACARENA ... seriously?!?!" .. I frantically text back .. "and for what??? OMG BUY IT .. IMMEDIATELY!!!"

    The funny thing is that, she had sent me the text/pic as they were heading uptown in a cab .. and then mid-way, she says to the driver ... "wait, wait - drives us BACK downtown to where you picked us up!". Of course, she's texting me back telling me this, as the two of us are howling (as one can do texting) about our latest adventure.

    So - now for your viewing pleasure .. a 2010 10-Year Anniversary Cyprés Lizard City (definitely still in the collection!):

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  15. Thank you so much; that's very sweet of you to say .. speaking of which, you Avatar looks pretty YUMMY!!