Cartier Charity Love Bracelet

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  1. That is the one I have as well, however I have the WG. I purchased that one in Fall of 2008 as a gift to myself for being accepted into grad school. :biggrin:

    But not sure if it is 2008 or 2009 since it was a few months shy of 2009???

    Either way, its adorable!
  2. hope they will come out this year, i really want to get one.
  3. I :heart: that location.

    I also hope they come out with the charity love bracelet. . .but if it really is retired, I guess it's a good thing since it'll keep me on track with other things on my wishlist :biggrin:
  4. I agree! The Westfield boutique so very friendly and relaxing. Great customer service each and every time I'm in there browsing and trying things on! :biggrin:

    You're so right! I am also looking forward to the release of a new charity bracelet, however us tpf girls have long enough wish lists as it is. I guess a retired charity bracelet wouldn't be such a bad thing. No new bracelet=no temptation! :nogood:
  5. I am crossing my fingers that another version of the charity bracelet comes out. I hesitated on both the 2008 and 2009 versions and missed my change to get both. :sad:

    Should another version come out this year, I am definitely not making the same mistake!

    I have the trinity bracelet on the cord, which I love! but I think the charity love charm is adorable.
  6. That is exactly what the SA at South Coast Plaza told me. That Cartier would rather make a lump-sum contribution instead of releasing a bracelet. Last year was the last one....:crybaby:
  7. Yes, I am starting to believe that there won't be a new Charity Love Bracelet released this summer. I'm hearing more and more SAs tell their customers this bit of information. I wish the SAs who are confirming there will be one would be more clear on where they are getting their information from since many of us are receiving contradictory info. :shrugs:
  8. So when i had gotten my love charity bracelet in 2008, they said that they would change the cord for you whenever you needed to.....Now when i go in they say that they changed their policy and now they charge $15 for the cord...which honestly...IS NOT even all silk because when they burn the ends at the knot, it turns into a bead which only happens when you burn synthetic fibers. Anyone else had the same issue when changing their cords?
  9. I have a baby trinity bracelet on a silk cord, and i had brought it in to have the cord changed, and they were going to charge me as well. I made a little "face" but I didn't say anything, because I simply cannot tie the cord like they can. When she came back with it, she said that she wasn't going to charge me for it this time.
    So, I would tell them that since you got it, you were told that you wouldn't have to pay for the cord to be changed, and they should honor that.
  10. I have 2 of these bracelets & it really annoys me when SA try to charge for changing the cord. In London there is never talk of charging me & they gave me a lesson in changing the cord myself & several different colour cords cut to the correct length , but in the States ( I come over frequently) SA's have tried to charge me several times. I always stand my ground & don't pay.
  11. hmm i have a couple of charity bracelets and when i bought them, my SA gave me a few extra silk cords in different colors...

    and i was in the Cartier boutique in BH earlier this year and decided i wanted to change mine to a new color, i didnt have my extra cords on hand but i just went up and asked to have it changed to a new color, they showed me all my options, i chose one, they did it and when i asked how much, they said it's no charge at all...
  12. I would have loved to own one of these! They are so pretty!
  13. The Chevy Chase Cartier never charged me to change the cord on my 09 charity bracelet (finally got my hands on one, yay!) but the Cartier at the Caesar's Forum in LV charged me $18. :sad:

    I'm still bummed that they discontinued making these bracelets though.
  14. Yesterday i bought a summer love bracelet at the cartier store in Dubai. The price was 2350 AED. It has two diamonds. In each lOve there is a diamond.

    Will upload a picture for you.
  15. Hi JoshsBlog,

    i saw the summer love bracelets in the Cartier stores in DUbai (Dubai Mall, Burjumancenter) and that was the summer love bracelets from the Year 2010!!!! Not the new one!!!