can anyone id miley cyrus' sisters purse??

  1. Julienne Hogen owns the same SL McFadin as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

    but its the SL McFadin, not sure what model it is though.
  2. yeah and you cant buy online..
    and i dont know if you can, but i couldnt find the buttom where you look through their collection. i could only see the few that were on the home page
  3. wow. what a gift bag haha
    yeah im gonna keep looking too. myskylab, we will find it!!! lol
    yeah that also, does anyone know where to get a studded strap? x
  4. The handbag that both miley cryus sister and taylor swift have come from a designer called SL Mcfadin. They have a web site, however when you enter into there web site there is no where for you to go to place a order or even find out how much this handbag is. I have been looking forever for this handbag too, if you find out how to order it let me know.
  5. I dont think miley's sister's bag is the SL McFadin because their straps are all western, and hers are all pyramid studs...
  6. Guys, I was really wondering about the bag, so I emailed them to get more information and here is the email that I received today.

    Thank you for your email and for inquiring about our handbags! We love the bag that Taylor is carrying - it is one of our newest styles. The bag comes in 5 different colors - chocolate brown (the color she is carrying), black, red, caramel and white and retails for $234.00. A plain shoulder strap comes with the bag made out of the same matching leather. The leather strap can be removed and you can have other options such as the vintage strap Taylor is carrying. We sell the shoulder straps separately and the long vintage shoulder strap she is carrying retails for $140.00.

    We give you the option to buy what you want. We make vintage belt straps in two lengths, you have the option of studding or just a vintage plain leather strap.
    The strap is available with brass studding or, you can also just get the a long vintage strap with no studding for $80.00. We also offer a shorter vintage strap that is $110.00 studded and $60.00 vintage plain. All of the vintage straps are one of a kind - but we will do our best to duplicate Taylor's look if that is what you are interested in. We make our shoulder straps where they come off and on - they are interchangeable.

    Long Vintage Strap Short Vintage Strap
    Studded- 140.00 110.00
    Plain- 80.00 60.00

    The bag is constructed of soft oil tanned leather and has a hidden magnetic closure at the top of the bag. It also has a 4X5 open pocket inside - but no zippers.

    We need to get a few pictures together and email some people over the weekend so I will include you in that list as well. We have been getting a lot of requests for Taylor's bag and will try to give you as much information as possible so that you can get an idea of what it is like, okay? Or you can give us a call at the number below and we will try to answer any more questions you may have.

    If you are in the Los Angeles area and want to see the bag in person, Fred Segal Rocks in Santa Monica just received a shipment of the bags. Also Siany in Calabasas has the same style in many of the colors listed above.

    We are excited to get your email, please let us know if you have any questions.
    Thanks again!

    Stacy & Laurie McFadin
    830 988 2830
    830988 2373 fax
    315 Hwy 90 East
    PO Box 578
    Sabinal, TX 78881

    I will post photos once I receive them or if anyone lives in LA, you can visit Fred Segal Rocks and let us know how it looks!
    BTW, is it ok to post their phone number here? Let me know if it is against the rule :smile:
  7. the website doesn't sell bags directly does it?
    Does anyone know which retail stores carry their stuff, besides fred segel rocks in santa monica?
  8. Here are photos of the bag that I received from SL Mcfadin! They look great!
    It looks the strap that Miley's sister is carrying is also from SL Mcfadin.
    I am trying to get information from them where/how I can buy this bag, so I will update you further if I can get more information.
    SLMcfadin-Fringe-Bags.jpg SLMcfadin- fringe italy-1.JPG SLMcfadin-vintage 4.jpg SLMcfadin-Fringe-Bags2.jpg
  9. You can order it by contacting Fred Segal or you can call them directly to place an order.
    Below is their phone number and email address. I am thinking to buy this bag in black! :smile:
    Laurie McFadin
    830 988 2830
  10. Wow...sounds like a unique purchase...especially with the one of a kind strap. Great find! Please post pics when you get it...and i think black is an excellent choice.
  11. Just placed an order by phone for one in black. Should take about 2-3 weeks. Will post pics when it comes.
  12. I also placed an order last week for the chocolate brown. I was going to order several bags, but figured I better take a look IRL first, lol! I also wanted a slightly shorter strap, so I asked them for a specific length, which I want to iron out before investing too much in anything. I can't wait till it gets here!
  13. i'm contemplating the red one...great bag!!