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Style Cabat - PICS ONLY!!!


Dec 19, 2008
Some people consider "weight" as an important factor so I took this chance to weigh mine as I was cleaning my closet for Fall.

  • Mini Nappa Cabat (Ebano, Noce and Lilac) - 0.6kg
  • Mini Goatskin Cabat (Ottone) - 0.8kg
  • Medium Nappa Cabat (Reflet) - 0.8kg
  • Medium Barcelona Calf Cabat (PO) - 1kg
  • Medium stitched light calf Cabat (Bottle) - 1.1kg
  • Medium Vachette Cabat (Tourmaline) - 1.2kg
  • Lido Gainsboro Cervo - 1.5kg (not a Cabat)

All weights above are of empty Cabats with the pouch inside (no stuffing). Note: 1kg = 2.2 lbs


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