Bvlgari serpenti or Cartier panthere?

Mar 10, 2012
Thank you! So funny story - I literally told my SA about it and she ordered the other one for me. After comparison, the other ring had more gold in between the diamonds which made it look smaller and less bright. I ended up going home with the original and felt silly for noticing something so small. Ur right to just let it go! Pic for reference.

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Oh yeah, always go for more blings, dents/scratches can be easily polished out. Glad you found a piece that you can fully enjoy now :loveeyes: It looks amazing on you!
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Oct 11, 2017
Oh haha I’m sure IRL they must be noticeable. Good to know it ends well/happy!
I see what you’re talking about - in this pic the other diamonds look more bright (although diff IRL due to the gold setting in between). It’s strange how every piece is different in this line, when I tried on the YG that piece was a lot more flat and bigger (panthere seemed fatter). Definitely try to choose diff pieces if you can!