Bloomingdales coupon codes?

  1. Just PM'd you...
  2. Here's a 25% off code I'm not using:
    Exp. 5/21
  3. Taken! Thank you!! :smile:
  4. 25%, expires 5/21
  5. Used. Thank you so much!!:biggrin:
  6. anyone else? PM me please :flowers::flowers:
  7. How are some of you getting the 25% off codes? Thanks
  8. All my codes are taken.
  9. Would appreciate one too if anyone has a spare! Thanks!
  10. please please me
  11. I need a coupon for a pair of shoes please. Please PM me! Thanks!
  12. Here are two more 25% off codes I found in my other emails:


    exp. 5/21
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    I have a 25% off coupon that expires tmrw, just PM

  14. I won't be using mine:X70IH4HR4412
  15. not using mine: XB00Y4HB14H2