Billionaire’s wife jewelry

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  1. Oh I wasn’t even considering her clothes as I thought you were just talking about her jewelry ... but isn’t this a photo of her in her riding outfit? Anyway, I think she looks nice and it would be very easy to copy this look. Just get the biggest diamond (or fake diamond) earrings that fit your earlobes.
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    Completely agree with you. I am so over a big diamond stud earring. Everyone has jumbo studs now, even 16 year olds, and most are fake. To me, all this “big diamond stud” look takes away from a look that was once special.

    Her outfit (equestrian), hair (silky blond), and makeup (neutrals and glossy lip...the pale glossy lip is key) is what makes her look classy, not the earrings. She could be wearing pearl studs and would look great.
  4. The most impressive thing in this picture is the horse.
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  5. Lol! Yes, I just don’t get it. She looks perfectly nice and normal, but that’s it!
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  6. Yeah, diamond studs bore me silly too. I wonder how people don’t get tired of wearing them every day.
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  7. Abigail is a very accomplished woman in her own right, and was so before meeting Les. She's a respected, influential personality doing a lot of good work in her community.
  8. That’s great but has nothing to do with jewelry or style?
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    Saying she looks perfectly nice and normal "but that's it" implies she's basic. I disagree and was trying to add color to who she is as a person, which affects how I see her, including style wise. That's all I got.
  10. You’re reading something into my post that wasn’t intended. I was just looking at her “style” which you have to admit is basic. A lot of great people are not style icons and that is ok? It doesn’t diminish their other accomplishments.
  11. Sorry triple post
  12. I would say she is cultivating a look that is the "platonic ideal" of a classic horsewoman. It is understated; but every detail is PERFECT, her:
    • Hair
    • Grooming
    • Make up that just highlights her best features, yet looks natural
    • Perfectly tailored clothing made out of classic, beautiful fabrics
    • Jewelry -- impressive ear studs and killer engagement ring
    • Absolutely beautiful horse and accouterments
    It all creates an overall impression of wealth, intelligence and style. It is over the top in a certain way that I admire -- sort of an anti-Kardashian.
  13. Nm
  14. She looks stunning! I'd say they're 4 carats each.
  15. Hear hear! Very anti-Kardashian . . .
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