Bearn.. full size or compact?


Jan 1, 2016
I had been using a compact bearn for as long as I can remember - that together with a calvi. Prior to that, I used to have a long wallet and while that had been pretty useful too, I find the compact bearn and calvi easier to use and fit in smaller bags. Honestly though, I could go just with the calvi since I don't carry cash and that happens most of the time.
Yes I think that’s what will work best for me too. That makes a lot of sense, thank you for weighing in!

littles mom

littles mom
Oct 5, 2013
I have a few of the full size Bearn. It made the most sense for me as I love full length wallets. It is still slim to fit in all my bags . And, if I use a smaller bag such as a Chanel mini 225 , then i have card cases and the Hermes compact kelly for that size. I love the Bearn wallet. I also have a silk in full size, and love that one too for my larger bags.