Authenticate This PRADA

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  1. Ebay will have kept the listing filed to use as evidence. Just because it is publicly unavailable doesn't mean it has disappeared completely. I don't know why it was removed but usually removal is because someone quite high up in either Prada or ebay has told them to remove it. The fact that is was removed means that ebay will support your claim for a full refund from this scammer seller. Get on with making that claim immediately.
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    I'm the original poster who bought this bag. The seller has accepted the return, but still denies in their messages that it is a fake bag! That's pretty aggravating because the bag is SO OBVIOUSLY FAKE. They are a big company that touts being part of an anti-counterfeit alliance, and they're lying to my face about selling me an authentic bag. They make it seem like they are doing me a favor by letting me return it, when they caused me inconvenience by selling me a fake bag and now I have to deal with shipping it overseas. Also, I know when I send this fake bag back to them, they will try to sell it again!

    These are the messages they sent me...

    "We totally know your worries.We take your case seriously and we also reconfirm with our expert.We confirmed this is an Auth item. Prada have 3 zip suppliers and one of the supplier do not have any logo on zip. For 2,3 point you are pointed out are also appear in some Prada bags.We checked items from many different details and carefully confirm its a Auth item. Please dont worry and this item can take back Prada for repair."

    "We have already confirmed oue record of it , but we have really cannot find any reason to show this is fake. And we have shipped the authentic and correct item to you. We can 100% guarantee. But, We truly know your worries,and after our consider, we decided to accept the return and full refund to you if we received the return item. We will be accept the return request on ebay and prepare the return shippment as soon as we can. We will send DHL froms to you within today. At last please still understand this is not a fake item, and this is a 100% authentic item. Thank you for your attention and understanding."

    SUCH BS.
  3. Oh yeah!! Totally understand how you feel and sooooo glad that you have been able to return this piece of foulness. I wish we could have been of more help with shutting down this deceptive seller. But...ebay...$$$$....we fight a losing battle against the big $$ that counterfeiters like this scammer provide to ebay. At least we have "outed" them as scammers so, hopefully, prospective buyers are now warned of their deceptive practices.
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  5. Hello,
    I've been reading up on authentication, and I would like to ask if I pegged this one right, if I may? If not, feel free to delete this post!

    Item: Prada saffiano tote
    Seller: modaselle_fashion
    Listing number: 131743534375

    I believe this is a fake due to the uneven and stitching and the R on the outside logo. The lettering on the logo is messy and uneven. The inside logo looks legit, could this have been taken from an authentic bag? I would love your thoughts!

  6. Well, you're wrong. It appears to be quite authentic.
    Don't waste your time reading those online "how to authenticate" guides. They're written by idiots and counterfeiters.
  7. I see. Thanks so much for your kind, thoughtful, and respectful reply. Please forgive me for trying to educate myself. I will remember your response for future reference.
  8. I think it's a bit silly to whine about a free service...and an opinion that you chose to ask for!
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  10. Hi, would like to have this checked. I really like it but I need to know first if it's authentic.

    Item: Prada Saffiano WOC
    Listing no: n/a
    Seller: Bagfairy
    Website: n/a (pls refer to the photos artached)

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  11. :shrugs: :wondering

    Dunno....maybe it's an age thing, (according to my kids I'm "getting on"), but I really think the use of plain, old fashioned manners can't be beat!!! Little niceties like "Please" and/or "Thank you" go a long way towards greasing the wheels of society ALL OVER THE WORLD.
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  12. I was going to post the same thing. GMTA ;)
    The ones with 20 pages of nothing but AT requests get short shrift from me as well :lecture:
  13. Thank you for your support Poopsie.:hugs:
  14. I'm barely 30 & I know better :smile:
  15. You're always so sweet Bratty. Thank you. My baby turned 30 last year and reminded me of how quickly the years have gone. (See - I AM an old duck!!)