Authenticate this MICHAEL KORS

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  2. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a very valuable tool I've come across as someone that's constantly looking for good deals on MK stuff. This website: is really great for checking the authenticity of other sites - as you all know there are a lot of websites like...I don't or some sort of variation of that.

    If you plug these sites into web of trust, many times you can see reviews of people who have used these websites, where the website is actually based, how long it's been in operation - a huge red flag is if the site operates from China and has been around for less than 6 months. Also, if the items you're looking for are advertised as over 200 dollars or less off the original price, generally speaking it's too good to be true and is very likely a scam!

    I wish you all a very safe and legitimate shopping experience ;)
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    I'm looking at purchasing 2 Hamilton bags from a seller on Poshmark. I'd like to make sure they are real first. What kind of pictures do I need to get it verified? I'd post a link to it but Poshmark is an iPhone app for sellers and buyers

    Having trouble adding pics =\
  4. Here are photos of the vanilla
    image-2798997130.jpg image-1377383098.jpg image-1714176183.jpg

  5. image-4250962968.jpg


  6. Hi, From what I was told by the SA, MK does not have ANY "outlet" ONLINE. Therefore, unless you are at - it's not an authentic site. Even if you don't have a legit outlet nearby, some of them will take a phone order if you call them. And/or you can check places like Macy's Bloomingdale's, TJMaxx, etc. Hope this helps.
  7. I've been trying to read through pages and pages of previous requests so I could maybe figure it out on my own, but some say they've never seen ANY fake Michael Kors but then others say there are fake sites selling them...
    I'm not a big collector or anything but from time to time I find some pretty real looking bags when I'm out and have learned a few things about looking for nice even stitches etc. But I'm still no where near being confident enough to do much with the info and try to resell them. Recently however I made a trade for this bag and another and of course the woman said they were real, and they 'looked' real to me.... but of course I can only spot a really REALLY bad fake. So hoping someone here can help me. Especially since when I look on eBay figuring if it's real there has to be others like it, I was only able to find one in the same style but different color, but it had fabric zipper pulls instead of the metal ones this bag has.
    Thanks in advance for any help!
    You'll see in the close up on of the studs from the bottom, they all look like that, all seem to be orientated correctly but show wear like that, same with the zipper pulls.
    MKbag1.JPG MKbag2.JPG MKbag3.JPG MKbag4.JPG MKbag5.JPG
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    Hi, I'm kinda new to this.. but can someone please help me see if this bag is authentic or not ? I really want it but I'm not sure if it's real. Much appreciated! Or perhaps someone can tell me where I can purchase this tote ?
    This is a hamilton tote trompe loeil I think :smile:

  9. Yes, this is exactly what a SA at my local MK outlet told me when I inquired about one of these sites. There is only one official MK website and they do not have any online outlets.
  10. Hi experts.. I need help again.. Can you please tell me if this Jet set wallet is authentic? Thank in advance!

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