Authenticate this MICHAEL KORS

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  1. Well, there were Astors with rhinestones but that nameplate inside with the terrible engraving is sketching me out. What's the texture of the purse like?
  2. I need help:

    seller: xarea51_onlinex

    Name: MICHAEL KORS Tan Leather Simple Bucket Hobo Satchel Slouch Purse Bag AS IS Chic

    Name: Michael Kors Hamilton Vanilla Satchel Bag
    seller: luxury*fashions

    Seller: joshnayan
  3. I like these thread. So informative
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  5. Do you guys authenticate sunglasses too?
  6. I just found this at a local thrift store, and wondered if it's real. It is made of high quality leather on the top, bottom and trim. The body is nylon. The logo on the clasp is an "M" inside a square, and the other hardware has the M plus the whole name around it. The inside is a heavy oatmeal colored cotton in a large weave.

    IMG_0964.jpg IMG_0966.jpg IMG_0962.jpg
  7. I would only purchase through the official MK site or a trusted retailer, like Macy's Nordstroms, Dilliards, etc.
  8. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I've been out of town. I don't think that the engraving is really poor, I think that the metal plate is damaged a bit.

    It feels like metallic leather and the linen lining seems to be of nice quality. The jeweled studs are crystal or glass, not plastic. It seems well-made to me but I only have one MK wallet so far so I am far from an expert.
  9. It's weird. In the picture it looks like some of the letters are scratched over or all out of line (A,E,R,S). Maybe it is just damage but it looks like it was intentionally done.

    If it is nice leather it's probably authentic. It would describe the fake ones I've seen as having thin leather that is kind of dry and stiff. The finish is more likely to crack or wrinkle than bend when you open the coin purse, sort of like cardboard.

    I hope that helps.
  10. That's what I figured but hoped the other site was a good one (I know nothing about MKs - was asking on behalf of a friend). Thanks for replying!
  11. Very helpful, thanks!
  12. dear members,

    I also would like your help to authenticate this MK bag. I searched all websites on the internet from,, neimanmarcus, Saks, Shopbop, googleimages, etc and found no exact bag like I just bought from a reseller and am afraid it's fake. The seller says it's gonna be out in the next 4 months. How weird is that! The tag says its article is: Jet Set Item. I googled and the pictures come out different.The saffiano leather, and accessories look authentic, though. SO confused. Please help.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Dear members,
    here are the more complete of the bag. Need your help to authenticate it. Has anyone seen this bag in store? Cause I doubt its authenticity due to not finding this model on the internet everywhere.

    Thanks for your help.


  14. This bag looked so familiar and I kept forgetting to post... I checked at my local Macy's and we have this exact style in the store. I think it may be hard to find online because my Macy's is small and they don't always stock MK... only around the Holidays (Mother's Day/Xmas) and they refer to them as "giftables." It seems that sometimes they get special styles that aren't part of the core MK line, so I'm betting that's why you can't find it online. It looks good to me, even down to the piece of Saffiano leather behind the hang tag which is the same as the ones I saw in Macy's.
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