Authenticate This Judith Leiber

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  3. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone could authenticate this clutch~ This looks to be a vintage Judith Leiber clutch, it is very heavy and the crystals are in great condition (very shiny and don't feel fake or tacked on). Just wanted to see if any Judith Leiber fans knew if this kind of bag was ever faked or not (I assume they would fake a more popular style than this)? It seems like it would be a very expensive fake, since the inside is a silver leather (and it definitely is 100% leather) and the outside is very sturdy (again, it's heavy!). Also came with the dustbag and accessories but I know those can be bought off eBay anyway. TIA!
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  4. Hello:

    My mom bought a jl bag on and I question its authenticity.
    JL said they cannot authenticate any bag.It's the Yasmin Crystal Clutch.
    Does anyone have any contacts on who to contact. I cannot post pictures as I am a new member so any help is appreciated.
    Thank you.
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  5. Could someone please authenticate this clutch I bought from eBay.


    Seller: wantitwantitwantit


    Thank you!
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  6. my friend gave me this purse to sell, and i have no idea if it is authentic or not. would really appreciate the help!

    here is the link to the album
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  7. I acquired this purse at auction and looking to assure authenticity. This would seem like a difficult purse to fake, given the complexity. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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  8. Can someone please authenticate this Judith leiber clutch for me ?
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