Authenticate This CHLOÉ

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  1. I'm sorry to have provided a difficult one :sad: if there is anything at all that I can do, please let me know.

    Again, thank you so much for your help. You are very kind!
  2. Hi, so sorry about that. Thanks for replying though.

    I have an album link: here

    Please let me know if you need more photos.
  3. Thank you so much Lescoy. Here are the additional pictures you requested

  4. Thanks Lescoy, i ended up cancelling the purchase. The quality control revealed that the item was partially compliant as it was advertised as new but had leather discolouring (but I guess this can happen to both authentic and fake). I was given the choice to continue with the purchase or cancel, but after your doubts and reading what happened to some forum members I felt that I might get into trouble if I end up with a fake that was deemed authentic by VC (that was a lot of money for a potential fake) and don't want to spend time fighting against VC to get my money back... I hope one day I will find my dream bag... Thanks again!
  5. Hi! First time Chloe buyer here. I am usually over at Mulberry when not on a bag ban ;p I tried to follow the pic tutorial as closely as possible. Please have a look. Thank you for your time!

    Chloe Edith
    Here is the direct link to the album:
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    Hi Lescoy, This is the link to the bag

    And the picture that was sent to me from the quality control team:

    This is all I have but as I said earlier I have cancelled the order.


  7. Many thanks! :smile:
  8. Item Name: Chloe Red Leather Purse Handbag

    Item Number: 221381645161

    Seller ID: MMIU


    Can someone please help me authenticate this purse. I am not familiar with the style or year of make. Thanks so much in advance !
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    Hi Lescoy, need your help authenticating this chloe I found at a TJ Maxx runway store. I'm not familiar with this style. None of the zippers have any markings no ykk either on the side or back. Sorry for the photos if they tilt. I keep putting them right side up.

    Item Name: Chloe Medium Paraty in Dove
    Item Number: N/A
    Seller: TJ Maxx

    Attached Files:

  10. Can anyone authenticate these for me?

    Style: Chloe paraty small in twighlight grey
    item #: 321331364804
    seller: jillsconsignment

    style: chloe paraty medium in green
    item#: 321321526957
    seller: chelsea5thave