Authenticate This CÉLINE

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  1. Could you please check this bag for me
  2. Thank you! Greatly appreciated.
  3. seller also sent me this photo of the serial # tag

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  4. here is another one I was interested in , but not sure if it's authentic, can you ladies help me out on this one as well ? thanks in advance

    eBay item number:262416165914
    Description : Celine phantom bag, tan brown
    Seller :Stellabella666

    and she sent me some photos of the serial# tag , she said it was hard to take these photos and the first Letter is "F"

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  5. and I also have a general question about the Phantom serial# tag, should it be only just one line of letters with numbers without the imprint of Made In Italy on the second lines ? or it differs from season ? and the shape of the tag is it always straight cut at the corners ? or is it sometimes rounded off at the corners ?

    thank you so much :smile:
  6. Apologies - I think my post got passed over a few pages back. Sorry for reposting it, please let me know if there are other photos I should take.

    Thanks a bunch!

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  8. Item: Celine Trapeze in Medium
    Listing Number: 52382893
    Seller: beautytown
    Comments: Last one - hopefully I can sort out which one to buy. The seller can't do better on the serial number unfortunately. Can't bend it for the photo.

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  9. Hello ladies,

    The bottom part was my original post of inquiry. I can't seem to add pictures :sad:. i need your expertise on Celine handbags. Help please...


    I need your expert knowledge on Celine bags. I recently purchased a Celine Tie Knot from Tradesy. Please help me authenticate the bag.

    Tradesy link:
    Description: Céline Take Off $150 With Extra150 Tie Knot Small Saddle Tan Celine Tote Bag
    Item#: 15035173
    Seller: JC@JCs_Closet

    Thanks a lot! I appreciate your help.

  10. :smile:
  11. Better luck next time