Authenticate This Cavalli

  1. Here is a CAVALII SUOL handbag. I was wondering if anyone can give more information as to what the value of it would be and if it is related to ROBERTO CAVALII. Thank you so much, any kind of information would be greatly appreciated!:smile:
    Cavallii Suol pic 1.JPG Cavalii Suol pic 2.JPG Cavalii Suol pic 3.JPG Cavalii Suol Pic 4.JPG
  2. Hi there,

    I'm not sure if I missed the thread to authenticate just cavalli bags but I didn't see one. I apologize if there's already another post. I bought a few bags at a church sale on Saturday and I just noticed this bag had a hologram so decided to look into it, I grabbed it because it looked cute :smile: It's a little dirty but for a dollar not a bad buy :smile: do they make fake just cavalli bags? Thanks for your help in figuring out if this bag is real! It's much appreciated!

    Item: just cavalli bag
    Bought at: church sale
    Pictures: I took the pictures
    image-503607872.jpg image-2841888637.jpg image-74757753.jpg image-2740439005.jpg image-2793719554.jpg image-2653474308.jpg image-682391097.jpg image-3316473965.jpg image-2336238021.jpg image-3408659806.jpg image-2535764922.jpg
  3. Hi, can someone authenticate this Roberto Cavalli purse for me, I can't seem to find it any where online and the logo doesn't look right to me on the inner pocket. Thanks!
    IMG_8437.jpg IMG_8440.jpg IMG_8441.jpg IMG_8438.jpg